New costumes, history map, and more coming to Fire Emblem Warriors on November 16

Give me that free content, baby

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Nintendo has announced that an update will be coming to Fire Emblem Warriors on November 16. Much like its predecessor Hyrule Warriors, the update will contain free content available to all owners of the game. All sorts of additions, both big and small, will be included in the update.

I’d say it’s more content than what the first major update of Hyrule Warriors contained.

First off, a new history map focusing on the protagonists, Rowan and Lianna, will be included. While further details were not given, this is a great thing, as the history maps make up a majority of the game’s content. Having more accessible without needing to buy DLC is nice, especially for the purpose of variety.

Next, a new weapon attribute called Armor Strike is being added, which has cosmetic and gameplay ramifications. For gameplay, any time an enemy is struck by a weapon with the attribute they will enter an Armor Break state. During this state, their defense and resistance will be lowered. However, if the player is hit by a strong attack, they will enter the Armor Break state. It’s not clear at this time if it’s a temporary or permanent debuff, or how it will stack with the Luna skill, but we’ll find out on the 16th.

You’ve probably guessed what the cosmetic effect is. If Rowan or Lianna enter the Armor Break state, they will be disrobed and left in their undergarments. It’s actually pretty tasteful, all things considered. Now, I say Rowan and Lianna because those are specifically mentioned by the official Japanese site. Given that the upcoming DLC contains broken armor models, it is possible you may need to own it to see the other characters disrobed. Sorry Frederick fans, you may be waiting a while.

After that, we get into more minor additions. Much like how Link constantly received new costumes in Hyrule Warriors, Rowan and Lianna will also be receiving the Gold Prince and Gold Princess costumes respectively. In addition, new blessings will be added, and it will be possible to sell weapons in bulk. Also, for those of you that own the Japanese version for one reason or another, you’ll be able to download the English voice pack.

If you were hoping for playable villains and Darios, they are not included in the update. This is similar to Hyrule Warriors, where they were patched in after the second major update. That being said, this is a pretty good patch all things considered and, if anything else, is far more generous than Hyrule Warriors was before the announcement of Legends. Hopefully they keep this up during the time the DLC releases.

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