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Narrative RPG Meg’s Monster scares up a release today

My beloved monster and me

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Meg’s Monster, a narrative-focused JRPG with art inspired by Mother 3, has launched today. Meg’s Monster is developed by Odencat Inc., who has previously graced us with Bear’s Restaurant and Fishing Paradiso.

You play as Roy, the eponymous monster. He’s an indestructible pile of beef, but the real challenge comes from protecting the also eponymous Meg. She has a tendency to throw tantrums of apocalyptic proportions, so it’s in everybody’s best interest that she does not get hurt.

There’s an obvious Undertale vibe here, as you can befriend defeated enemies. Each battle has its own distinct mini-games where you have to keep Meg from throwing a fit. The end goal is to reunite the girl with her mom.

It’s amazing the amount of influence that Mother 3 has had on games, and yet Nintendo still won’t localize it in English. Of course, Meg’s Monster is from Japan where Mother 3 doesn’t need localization. Still, it’s just amusing and frustrating that there’s an entire design philosophy focused around this one game, and Nintendo just sits on it. Heck, it hasn’t even been re-released within Japan.

In any case, even though Meg’s Monster looks right up my alley and is described as a “short” experience, my playlist is absolutely crammed right now. I keep saying I’m going to circle back to some of these titles, but that list keeps growing every day I do this job. So do me a favor and check it out. I always have time to live vicariously through someone.

Meg’s Monster is available right now on PC, Switch, and Xbox One. There is a demo available if you want to sample its bouquet.

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