Name your favorite 3DS games in the Destructoid community poll

What game kept you glued to the screens?

The Nintendo 3DS may no longer be the prince of portables, but its legacy will assuredly live on thanks to more than eight years of spectacular games from first-party and third-party developers alike. This week, we revealed the top 10 games for the 3DS as voted on by the Destructoid staff. Now, it’s your turn to voice your opinion for the Destructoid Community Top 10 Nintendo 3DS Games list.

We’re keeping the vote simple this time. All you need to do list your two favorite games for the Nintendo 3DS in the boxes below and write your Destructoid or Disqus username. That’s it. That’s all you need to do. The 10 games with the most votes will make the list.

Voting is open from now through midnight PST on Sunday, September 22, 2019. And remember, if you just write Mario or Zelda or Monster Hunter, we’re not going to know which game in the series you’re talking about and your vote won’t be counted. SO BE SPECIFIC!

CJ Andriessen
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