My Nintendo shifts around a few rewards in anticipation of Metroid: Samus Returns

A theme and some discounts

Ah My Nintendo. I love to keep people updated on it because people ask, but I rarely use the service. It’s a stark contrast to Club Nintendo, which had some amazing, once in a lifetime style rewards. As I’ve said many times, I can only hope that the Switch actually gets incorporated into the program soon.

So back to My Nintendo — there’s new rewards, and they’re Metroid themed! WE have an Other M 50% off discount (80 Gold Coins), a 30% off discount for Metroid II (10 Gold Coins), 50% off Metroid (250 Platinum Coins), a Samus Returns theme (20 Gold Coins), and two Returns wallpapers (50 Platinum Coins).

Man it kills me that after you fork out a ton of coins you still have to pay! And the Gold currency can only be earned by buying stuff.

Metroid [My Nintendo]

Chris Carter
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