My Nintendo has a neat Switch game card holder reward up for grabs

Nintendo Switch game card holder

The updated My Nintendo Shop has restocked rewards and exclusive online products

Just like the boys, physical My Nintendo rewards are back in town.

If you’ve been waiting for a restock, the time is at hand, and there’s also a nifty Nintendo Switch game card holder up for grabs — it’s 600 Platinum Points and can carry up to eight games, with two covers included. Long-time Nintendo fans who remember the Club Nintendo days will surely recall the ol’ 3DS game case. It’s along those same lines.

Compared to many of you, I’m the odd man out, but I could fit my physical collection in this game holder; the Nintendo Switch arrived just as I began going (mostly) digital-only.

Other physical rewards right now include a LEGO Super Mario keychain (400 Platinum Points), a Legend of Zelda phone ring holder (500 Platinum Points), and a Metroid Dread holographic poster set (1,000 Platinum Points). Heyyyy big spender! I’m all tapped out.

I’m sure you know the drill by now, but just in case: here are some point-earning tips from Chris Carter. You can see how many points you’ve got ready to go on this page.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Kanji Logo T-shirt
Nintendo is charging $24.99 for this “Kanji Logo” t-shirt based on Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

Beyond some of these familiar physical rewards that can be exchanged for Nintendo Funny Money, there’s also merch to buy with actual cash if you’re so inclined. This week, Nintendo launched a shiny new My Nintendo Store with exclusive merchandise and apparel items ranging from mugs to hats to shirts, hoodies, and pillows.

You might not see anything you’re drawn to just yet, but I figured the new online shop was worth a mention — it’ll naturally get new items as new games come out. As for shipping, it’s free (with some restrictions) if you end up spending $50 or more at the shop.

I also can’t neglect to mention that this is the same week Nintendo announced its plan to wind down the Wii U and 3DS eShop — a cost-cutting decision that probably won’t be swayed at this point. If you poke around the browser-based eShop, you’ll notice that it’s more Nintendo Switch-centric than before. The “legacy” platform listings can currently still be found if you know where to look (or just search for specific game names).

Well, here we go again. Time keeps on slipping for us retro gamers.

[Thanks for the heads-up, Cody]

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