My Nintendo has some new games up for grabs!

Wii U stuff, too

An update to My Nintendo is such a rare occurrence that I tend to forget the service exists. I don’t think I’ve logged in since the last time I wrote about games being offered and that was only to grab screenshot. I suppose today marks the second time in a year I’ll have logged in to bring you guys up to speed on what has just been added.

The biggest addition would have to be Mighty Switch Force on 3DS for 50 Gold Coins (a totally reasonable amount!). Along with that, you can also get the Gunman Clive HD Collection on Wii U for 30 Gold Coins (a total steal!). After those two, the other games are kind of dull, with Siesta Fiesta on 3DS going for 50 Gold Coins and Year Walk on Wii U for 50 Gold Coins.

At least if none of these games tickle your fancy, but you do own Mario Kart 8 without the DLC, you can redeem those Gold Coins for both track packs. Each one is 60 Gold Coins (more than any of the games!), but they are well worth downloading. The other games on offer are exactly the same as my previous post, though I will include them in the bullet points below just for clarity.

Wii U

  • Gunman Clive HD Collection – 30 Gold Coins (New)
  • Year Walk – 50 Gold Coins (New)
  • Tengami – 80 Gold Coins
  • XType Plus – 30 Gold Coins
  • Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 1 – 60 Gold Coins
  • Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 – 60 Gold Coins


  • Siesta Fiesta – 50 Gold Coins (New)
  • Mighty Switch Force! – 50 Gold Coins (New)
  • Retro City Rampage: DX – 80 Gold Coins
  • Toki Tori – 20 Gold Coins
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild – A New Adventure Theme – 20 Gold Coins
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild – A Wide World Theme – 20 Gold Coins

While this is a far cry form what Club Nintendo used to offer, at least we’re starting to finally see full games come up on the service. I’d really like if Switch offers would be included, but I’m sure that will come in time…maybe…

Redeem Points [My Nintendo]

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