MultiVersus’ delayed season one finally kicks off next week

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It’s a Living…

Publisher Warner Bros. and developer Player First Games have announced the rescheduled season one release date for MultiVersus — and fans will be super-stoked to hear that they won’t have much longer to wait, as platform brawler’s first wave of new content will begin its drip-feed as soon as August 15.

From Monday, players can dive into the free-to-play fighter’s first battle pass, which will offer up skins, power-ups, and other goodies as you bash your way through MultiVersus’ roster of pop culture superstars. The battle pass will include bonus items for all, though players who have stumped up the dollar for the Premium version will, of course, earn far more items and exclusive in-game rewards.

multiversus release date season one august

Player First Games has been quick to remind the player base that all of season one’s expected characters, modes, and updates will not all be dropping on August 15 — this date is just when the season premieres. Morty, of Rick and Morty fame, will be MultiVersus’ first post-launch character and is expected to arrive on August 23, with more content to be rolled out over the coming weeks/months.

MultiVersus, which was always going to be something of a dice-roll release, launched in open beta on July 26 and found immediate success, pulling in 144,000 players on Steam alone within its opening 24 hours. Since then, these numbers have continued to grow, with Player First proudly announcing that somewhere in the region of a staggering 10.6 million players in a little over two weeks. Incredible.

Of course, the honeymoon period is real. Just ask Fall Guys, which saw its equally impressive numbers fall off quite sharply once the game hit its second season, (though it has since found a resurgence). This is not to say that the same fate will befall MultiVersus, merely that it remains to be seen whether Warner Bros. can keep the hype ball rolling for the remainder of this year and into 2023. MultiVersus is, for sure, an exciting and enjoyable brawler, and its recent Evo 2022 appearance only served to bring more fans into the fold. It’s going to be an interesting season.

MultiVersus is available to download now on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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