Fall Guys raced past 50 million players two weeks after going free-to-play

Fall Guys proves it has legs

Fall Guys has been one of the most successful online games over the past few years, and for good reason. After the flood of battle royale games we got, it was a nice change of pace to have one that was a colorful, goofy platformer that we could play with friends. I know I certainly got swept up in it when it first came out, and had a blast trying something new even if I was terrible. Now, Fall Guys is seeing even more success, and I couldn’t be happier that a creative and genuinely fun idea is getting the love it deserves.

The official Fall Guys account tweeted this morning that the game has officially surpassed 50 million players! Exciting news for a game with such humble beginnings. If you’re wondering why the game is just now garnering such a big player base, it’s because Fall Guys just switched to a free-to-play model with battle passes and all that good stuff on June 21. The other significant change was that it moved off of Steam and onto the Epic Games Launcher, and was made available on Xbox and Nintendo Switch for the first time.

After the rerelease, Fall Guys garnered 20 million players in 48 hours, which is a pretty impressive feat for a game that’s over two years old. Now it’s more than doubled that after two weeks.

If nothing else, this scenario has proved that the free-to-play model can be pretty effective at getting players to try a new game, and because the outfits are such a fun part of Fall Guys, the battle pass system should work well for them. Here’s hoping that the game continues to stick around for a while, because every time I see clips of it, it just makes me happy.

I guess now is a better time than any to jump back on the train, and try to claim a crown of my own once and for all.

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