Mothman Equinox returns to Fallout 76 this month

Mothman Equinox

It starts on June 28

The Mothman Equinox activity is coming back to Fallout 76, after a roughly six-month hiatus from the game.

Originally debuting as part of the “Night of the Moth” major update last December, the studio also noted that the Mothman Equinox activity specifically would return on a semi-regular basis. It kicks off at 12:00PM ET on June 28, and will run through July 12 at 12:00PM ET. There don’t seem to be any major changes: you just need to talk to Interpreter Clarence on top of the Mothman Museum, and they’ll give you the quests needed to start joining in on the activities/events for Mothman Equinox.

In other big news, Test your Metal just arrived recently, and we have a new launch trailer that quickly showcases what you can expect, as well as a more detailed developer breakdown. It’ll get players through roughly another three months of gametime, as all eyes are on the September Pitt update after that.

Of course, all of these patches are cumulative. They’re adding new content and quality of life features/fixes to Fallout 76, and have done a fantastic job of shoring up the game since launch. Even things like the radio plays are fun to listen to outside of the game, if you still feel burned by the original release.

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