Quirky anti-RPG Moon: Remix RPG Adventure is jumping to Steam soon

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure Steam

Gather love, level up

A year ago today, I published a joint review between myself and Zoey Handley for Moon, the classic Japan-only PlayStation title that got localized for the first time more than 20 years after its first debut. We found the title to be odd, lovable, worth playing, and one that doesn’t take your time into consideration. An enjoyable relic of questionable game design concepts, its revival on Switch gave Yoshiro Kimura fans hope that other titles from his history might find their way onto modern hardware as well. If anything, jumping over to Steam can only help strengthen those hopes.

For anyone who was waiting for a PC release, your time will soon come. Onion Games announced yesterday that Moon will release on Steam. Surprisingly, it’s being published under its original title of moon: Remix RPG Adventure. I’m not sure why that was changed for Switch only to be reverted back here, but they could call it “Fart Boxer” and it would be just as interesting.

In addition to moon: Remix RPG Adventure, Onion Games confirmed its new smooch ’em up Mon Amour is also headed for PC. The game was originally revealed last year with a confirmed launch on Nintendo Switch. With the addition of Steam, that’ll just give more people the opportunity to kiss their way to victory. It’s fitting this announcement would feature both of these titles as Mon Amour is directly related to a mini-game found in Moon.

Neither game has a listed MSRP nor release date yet, but both can be added to your wishlist.

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