Monster Hunter X looks to make the action fun for everyone

On 3DS in Japan this winter

The Monster Hunter series remains huge in Japan, but it’s still more of a cult hit everywhere else. The combat system probably has a lot to do with that. On the surface, it’s pretty disempowering. Players are likely to feel punished and abused if they go into Monster Hunter expecting to mash out combos and take out dragon-dinosaurs with ease from day one. The patience, practice, and persistence it takes to master the games makes them awfully rewarding for those who are willing to put in the time, but for everyone else, the series can feel impenetrable.

It looked like Capcom might be trying change that with the recently announced Monster Hunter Stories, and again with the even more recently announced Monster Hunter X (pronounced Monster Hunter Cross). While it looks a lot like Monster Hunter 4, and will have multiple areas seen in previous games, Capcom is promising that it will still feel like a new experience. According to an unofficial fan translation, the concept behind Monster Hunter X is to make the action more “flashy/bold/varied” with “special attacks” and “new super actions for all weapons”. There is also word that the combat system will be more technical, but it’s not clear if they mean that in the Devil May Cry way or the Bloodborne way.

We’ll find out soon enough, as the game is due out in Japan this winter. 



Jonathan Holmes
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