Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is already at four million in sales

Sunbreak sales

These Monster Hunter expansions can’t lose

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak sales have soared to four million, Capcom has revealed as of today, August 23.

Whenever a milestone like this happens I immediately go to Capcom’s investor relations (IR) page and compare it to the rest of their “platinum titles” (million-sellers). Once the page is updated, it’ll take the 20th spot, beating out Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, and just below Street Fighter II Turbo‘s 4.1 million in sales. From there it needs to crack into the 6.3 million mark to bust into the top 10 — and beat out Street Fighter II proper.

To catch up to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which is a beast of a game sales-wise, it’ll need to more than double its current count and beat out Iceborne‘s 9.5 million. Similarly, Monster Hunter Rise proper, while commanding a respectable third place overall with 10.3 million units sold, needs to push roughly eight million more units to beat the top-selling Capcom game of all time: Monster Hunter: World (18.3m).

The free Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak items will continue to flow

Capcom is going to continue to celebrate these Sunbreak sales milestones with the community, and is planning a fourth free item pack for release on August 24.

It’ll contain:

  • Max potion x25
  • Mega Barrel Bomb x10
  • Great Whitefish x5
  • Heavy Armor Sphere x5
  • Golden Egg x3

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