Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak shows off some mean monsters arriving in its next update

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak title update

Even more threats await in Sunbreak

A monster hunter’s work is never over, it seems. Capcom showed off a few of the monsters arriving in this week’s free Title Update 1 for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and they’re some nasty ones.

The free title update arrives on August 10 for Nintendo Switch and PC, bringing more giant monsters into the fold. From massive wings and whip-like tails to an apparent smoldering magma beast, they all look terrifying in this new trailer.

It looks like hunters will have some work to do. Here’s the lineup, if you didn’t recognize some of them by appearance alone.

MH Rise: Sunbreak Title Update 1 monsters

  • Lucent Nargacuga
  • Seething Bazelgeuse
  • Gold Rathian
  • Silver Rathalos

Alongside the new baddies to hunt, the Anomaly Quest system is also getting an update. The Five-Star rating will be unlocked, which can include new afflicted monsters unlocked via Anomaly Investigation Quests.

Hunters can take on Anomaly Investigations, which have randomized conditions based on difficulty settings. The settings randomize target monsters and locales, as well as a number of hunters. These can be potentially much riskier, but offer greater rewards.

Qurious Crafting will also let hunters customize their equipment a bit more, and Bahari the Scientist has an Anomaly Research Lab for exchanging special items gained from Anomaly Investigations into Qurious Crafting items.

Still on the hunt

Event Quests are also planned to start rolling out every week, starting on August 18. Dual Threats will add a bit more challenge to the game, and some extra purchasable DLC can let players get in that summer mood, or even take on the appearance of Fiorayne herself.

It seems like Monster Hunter Rise fans are getting a decent chunk of content this week. Even if you’re still working on Sunbreak, it’s nice to know that even more monsters lie in wait, in need of hunting.

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