Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate delivers some free day-one DLC


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is out today, as is the New 3DS. To celebrate, Capcom is releasing a free update that you can pick up from now until March 15, which includes 50 basic items for your hunter.

Basically just head to the eShop and download update 1.1 and you’re done. All the items aren’t all the complicated, but the pack also includes Super Mushrooms that you can use to craft Mario or Luigi outfits for your Palico. See below for the full item list.

MH4U Starter Pack: free items and a “Super” surprise [Capcom Unity]

  • Mega Potion         x50
  • Honey                  x30
  • Mega Dash Juice   x15
  • Well-done Steak   x30
  • Max Potion           x10
  • Lifepowder           x20
  • Ancient Potion      x5
  • Flash Bomb          x30
  • Sonic Bomb          x30
  • Pitfall Trap            x15
  • Shock Trap           x15
  • Super Mushroom  x6
Chris Carter
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