Monolith Soft worked on Splatoon 3, which highlights how essential they are to Nintendo

Monolith Soft

One of the best acquisitions in company history

While Monolith Soft toils away at their beefy core RPGs they’re known for, they’re also helping Nintendo with various first-party titles. Every so often we get a glimpse of what games they actually help work on, like the Zelda series. As spotted by Nintendo Life, it seems like Monolith Soft added a new game to their repertoire on their company game list: Splatoon 3.

As the lengthy list points out, Monolith Soft has been assisting on many first-party Nintendo games, including prior entries in the Splatoon series. This is not unlike the relationship that a lot of other studios have with larger publishers, like High Moon Studios and Vicarious Visions assisting Activision with franchises like Destiny. This particular info drop that they worked on Splatoon 3 is fascinating though, given that it and the massive undertaking that is Xenoblade Chronicles 3 were released at basically the same time.

While the company started in 1999, it was taken over by Nintendo in 2007, and has been a staple studio at the publisher ever since. They’ve grown year after year, going from 150 employees in 2017 to roughly double that recently. As I’ve said numerous times, I hope they continue their run indefinitely. They’re an asset to Nintendo and aren’t celebrated enough.

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