As Monolith continues its work on Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, it is rapidly growing

Over 40 new job postings

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Very recently we discovered that Monolith Soft has been expanding year after year, but now we have some idea of just how big that expansion is straight from the company itself.

As we know, the studio is working on whatever projects they have under their belt, as well as ancillary support on first-party Nintendo titles, including Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. So a ramp-up is definitely warranted!

On their official Facebook page, Monolith Soft just explained that they’re looking for a “big increase” in staff, with openings for designer work, as well as advertising and art roles. But when you actually go to the application page, you’ll be able to peruse over 40 new roles, including ones in management, programming, planning, design, and artistry.

As of last week, the company aimed to hit a target of 300 employees, with their current count at 272. But if all these listings get filled, that’s roughly 312 people on board. And it’s well deserved! They’ve been a pillar of RPGs for years on end, and seem to have a great relationship with Nintendo.

Monolith Soft [Facebook]


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