Modder puts Doom inside of Doom


We heard you like Doom

There’s a fascination online with getting classic 1993 FPS Doom running on just about anything. On other consoles, on hardware, on anything that can handle and output data. And now, we’ve gone one layer deeper, as one modder has put Doom inside Doom.

YouTube modder kgsws uploaded a video titled “You can run Doom inside (DOS) Doom, for real.” earlier this week. (Thanks, PCGamesN.) In it, they show the process of using code injection inside the DOS version of Doom.

Now, game and code injection is something they’ve toyed with before now. But the ultimate execution that leads to Doom running inside Doom is impressive to see.

After a lengthy process, kgsws is able to make a wall as a designated Doom-space. Here, they can watch the attract mode play out, or take over the controls and play themselves.

Eventually, kgsws builds even more. There’s a theater for the Doom-ception, but also some additional switches to toggle in-game effects. The modder even puts Heretic, another classic retro shooter, inside Doom.

Doom in Doom

The ultimate Doom-ception

The quest to make Doom playable on just about anything and everything is, at times, awe-inspiring. It’s one thing to get Doom running on a machine meant to play games, like a Game and Watch or something.

But then you have the wilder stuff. People putting Doom in their brand-new PorscheDoom inside of Twitter, proving the site truly is a hellscape after all. Or Doom inside a pregnancy test, just because we can.

At this point, what’s left to get Doom running on? I don’t know, and in some ways I’m terrified to find out. But Doom truly is eternal, it seems. Anyways, if you want to play Doom more conventionally, the ports for modern consoles sound like they’ve got some nice quality-of-life improvements and features.

Eric Van Allen