The maniacs went and got Doom running on a Game & Watch

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As all y’all must be aware by now, tech-heads in the video game industry are on a dogged mission to get id Software’s iconic shooter Doom running on as many different platforms as possible. We’ve already seen Doom in action on Commodore 64, a calculator, and even a home pregnancy test, but the violent FPS title is now up-and-running on Nintendo’s earliest handheld hardware, Game & Watch.

Upon getting their hands on a Game & Watch re-release unit, modder Stacksmashing immediately set to work on adding the rudimentary console to the long-list of platforms that can run the 1993 DOS classic. Of course, the Game & Watch edition of Doom is somewhat more rudimentary than its contemporaries – stripped of textures and sound – but this latest port is “playable” in the very least.

The video below features a brief clip of Game & Watch Doom in action, followed by a detailed breakdown of the work required in porting the title to such a basic piece of gaming hardware. It’s a fascinating watch, showcasing the ingenuity of the homebrew scene. Stacksmashing’s plans do not end with Doom, however, suggesting that they will continue looking into new homebrew projects for the Game & Watch. Be sure to subscribe to their channel to see what comes next.

Today Doom, tomorrow… I don’t know… Demon’s Souls!

Doom running on a Nintendo Game & Watch [Kotaku]

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