Minecraft is getting its own marketplace where content creators get a ‘majority cut’

For Windows 10 and Pocket Edition

This May, Minecraft is getting its biggest update in months. Set to debut on the Windows 10 and Pocket Editions of the game, 1.1’s “Discovery update” brings in a new currency (Minecraft Coins) and a marketplace, which is sure to be polarizing, barring one potentially cool development — content creators get a big cut.

After purchasing Coins by way of IAP, ($1.99 for 300 Coins) users can buy stuff, at which point App Store platforms get a 30% cut. But after that delineation, Microsoft states that content creators get “the majority of the remainder.” How much of a taste Microsoft gets is unknown, but majority in this case would likely mean at least 50%, if not higher. “Registered businesses” can apply for the program here if they want.

It’s an interesting and brave new world for Minecraft. While Valve is struggling in many ways with this system (right now DOTA 2 creators are just getting a 12.5% cut), there’s plenty of ways for this to thrive, given that Minecraft is one of the biggest games ever.

What I like about the program, in theory, is that there will be a better curation system for total conversion/RPG mods for me to peruse. For all of the other esoteric type stuff, there’s the Java version.

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