Mighty No. 9 has a one-hit-death mode

Uh, thanks but no thanks

A few Mighty No. 9 updates to talk about today. First, all launch-window versions of the game will come with the Retro Hero DLC, which gives protagonist Beck a blocky, weirdly Minecraft-esque appearance and, good lord, a one-hit-death difficulty setting. I’ll leave that one to Chris.

Publisher Deep Silver has also shared details on the “extremely limited” collector’s edition. It’s $59.99 and includes a 6.5″ articulated Beck figure with swappable faceplates, shown below. There’s a foil signature from creator Keiji Inafune as well. Poor guy is always signing stuff! Amazon currently has pre-orders open for the physical edition, but Deep Silver representatives say there aren’t many to go around.

Mighty No. 9 is coming to a bunch of platforms on September 15, but PlayStation might be the best bet. The PS3, PS4, and PS Vita versions are Cross-Buy, regardless if you buy digitally or physically.

Lastly, some new footage. It’s amusing to see this game and its old-school design through the lens of a standard modern-day video game trailer.

[Thanks, Jonathan]

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