Microsoft’s heart is not two sizes too small

While some folks this holiday are picking up Sony’s console simply to play Resistance: Fall of Man, or a Wii so they can get their dirty paws on Link’s latest adventure, I think it’s a safe bet that there are still people willing to enter the next gen simply to play Geometry Wars.

Which is why Microsoft, in the spirit of giving and marketing, is offering Xbox 360 users the opportunity to gift your friends two free Xbox Live Arcade titles … provided, of course, they purchase their system this holiday. In the e-mails we received, getting into the season of giving and cheer has never been easier.



First, just share the magical code Microsoft provided with your friend. In this case, it’s XBXNG104. Then, and this is my favorite part, Microsoft would like you to show them where they can buy an Xbox 360 console. Seeing as how you can purchase these things anywhere from Toys R’ Us to any number of supermarkets, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Finally, send them to the designated Web site Microsoft has set up for the promotion and before you know it, your friend will be sent an e-mail with tokens good for free Xbox Live Arcade games.

By before you know it I mean a month after the fact, as Microsoft claims that if your friend qualifies (after an extensive background screening, of course), he/she will be sent an e-mail with the tokens by Feb. 17, 2007. But hey, two free games are two free games, and if you haven’t picked up an Xbox 360 yet, they’re our gift to you from all your friends at Destructoid.


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