Microsoft man mocks the idea of Facebook on a game system

Eric Neustadter, Xbox Live operations manager, thinks that Facebook connectivity on the DSi is silly. He finds it a pointless idea, considering we have other, better alternatives for staying connected to social networks. Oh those silly games system and their pointless synergy. When will they learn?

“I find the in-game uses, okay, may be interesting, the out-of-game, hey, it’s a camera, use it to connect to Facebook or whatever — I don’t find that at all interesting,” says Neustadter, while criticizing the DSi. “Don’t we all have phones that do that? Why do we need our gaming device to do that?”

Yeah, that’s a really good point. Why do we need a gaming device to do that? Like the whole Xbox 360/Facebook thing for example. Why would anybody want that? What kind of idiotic company would come up with such a pointless and stupid thing? Good job Neustadter’s company would never do such a thing … oh … oh wait.


Jim Sterling