Microsoft keeping out of Epic/Silicon Knights squabble

By now you should all be aware of the legal battle between Epic Games and Silicon Knights over troubles with Too Human and the Unreal Engine. If you’ve been wondering just where Microsoft fits into the accusations and the mudslinging, don’t bother. The ‘Soft is keeping well out of that one.

“No, we’re not involved in any of the actions between Silicon Knights and Epic, that’s a relationship that they will figure out,” stated Microsoft’s Phil Spencer. “But we are deeply involved with making sure that the future of Gears and the first iteration of Too Human are great games on our platform.”

Spencer wouldn’t comment on who he thought would win or who he’d hope would win, hoping instead that “in the end, what people are talking about is the great Too Human game.” I think we all still hope that Too Human turns out to be great, although considering how much time Silicon Knights is wasting elsewhere, it’s understandable for faith to waiver.

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