Microsoft just pushed an update to Xbox 360, but it’s up to you to figure out what it does

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‘Minor bug fixes and improvements’

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We’re most of the way through 2019, and Microsoft is still putting work into a console that launched in 2005. We’re approximately one calendar year away from the Xbox 360 being two generations old, yet it’s not quite dead.

This morning, Microsoft pushed out a system update for Xbox 360. Xbox’s Major Nelson announced the update, saying users can find more information on the Xbox support site:

That’s not really true. The patch notes for this update merely state “Minor bug fixes and improvements,” which Major Nelson mentions in his tweet. Actually, that has been the description for the past three system updates. You have to go back to September 2015 to find the last firmware change that’s outlined with actual specifics. That was already two years into the Xbox One’s life cycle, so, yeah, that makes sense.

It’s on you, the person who still regularly uses their Xbox 360, to figure out the purpose of this update. Realistically, it’s probably just a means of addressing some sort of security exploit. If a vulnerability had been discovered, it’s incumbent upon Microsoft address it. Although, it’s fun to pretend Microsoft is still taking care of the Xbox 360 — like Panasonic still working on VCRs and Nokia still supporting that phone you can play Snake on.

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