Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen passes away at 65

Died from complications of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has passed away today at the age of 65. He had suffered complications from his recurring non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which ultimately took his life this afternoon. He is survived by his sister, Jody Allen, who issued a statement with Allen’s company Vulcan Inc:

My brother was a remarkable individual on every level. While most knew Paul Allen as a technologist and philanthropist, for us he was a much loved brother and uncle, and an exceptional friend

Paul’s family and friends were blessed to experience his wit, warmth, his generosity and deep concern. For all the demands on his schedule, there was always time for family and friends. At this time of loss and grief for us – and so many others – we are profoundly grateful for the care and concern he demonstrated every day.

Current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella issued a statement on Twitter:

Allen had founded Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975 but initially left the company in 1982 after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He had sought treatment and recovered from that disease before becoming afflicted with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2009. He had successfully kept it at bay for many years until it resurfaced a few weeks ago.

In addition to founding one of the biggest tech giants in the world, Allen owned the Portland Trail Blazers and the Seatle Seahawks. He had founded Vulcan Inc, which oversaw all of Allen’s philanthropic efforts.

Vulcan CEO Bill Hilf said, “Millions of people were touched by his generosity, his persistence in pursuit of a better world, and his drive to accomplish as much as he could with the time and resources at his disposal…Today we mourn our boss, mentor, and friend whose 65 years were too short – and acknowledge the honor it has been to work alongside someone whose life transformed the world.”

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