Memoirs of PAX East 2010 from the Dtoid Community

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PAX East 2010 went down in Boston a couple of weeks ago and gamers from all over got to geek out. This was the first PAX on the East Coast and one of the biggest gaming conventions to hit that side of the country in a very long time. The show was a lot smaller compared to the West Coast version with what was on the main show floor but the expo drew just as many people as PAX Prime.

As in years past, the Community wrote up some awesome blogs and threw up all of the videos and pictures they took. It’s a big lovefest after the break and shows you what PAX really means to Destructoid.

Nik Monroe, or Nik UK as I like to call him now, was the first out of the gate with his PAX East blog. Nik does a lovely job of recapping just went down every night and the general feeling that was felt among the entire Community that was present.

Rogue Cheddar brought us a pretty detailed recap of “The Death of Print” panel from PAX East. Rogue also checked out to the “How to get into the games industry” panel.

geardrops didn’t have such a good time at PAX East.

Pandaloons was all over PAX East with his camera. He took a TON of photos and snapped the Destructoid group shot this year.

Capcom’s Seth Killian made a special surprise visit to PAX East and brought along two Super Street Fighter IV builds that fans could play all day on Saturday. Dtoiders Cataract and BFeld13 were among the first people to play the game!

Andrew “Kauza” Kauz had a wonderful time at PAX East. Warning: This blog may make you cry.

Beyamor and Qalamari couldn’t be at PAX East proper, but thanks to the Adopt An Avatar program, Tony “MegaStryke” Ponce was able to have them at Boston in spirit.

Analoge gave some shout outs to his bros and hoes.

I had a pie eating contest at PAX East. It was a rematch battle against Paul Bellezza of P.B. Winterbottom. Paul won and he totally deserved the win as he threw up a couple of times during the match. Next time, Paul!

Here’s a daily recap by ArcticFox. He even talks about something super secret!

PAX East had a lot of long lines.

Jon Bloodspray made a little video montage of all the good times at PAX East.

FatherChesz went nuts at PAX East. NUTS!

This is a thing that happened to me at PAX East.

Dtoid Penn’s JT IceFire gave us his best and worst moments of PAX East.

PAX East meant a lot to DanlHaas and we’re glad he was able to make it out. DanlHaas also got third place in the Pitch Your Game idea contest. Nice job, dude!

Wexx made out with DanlHaas. Probably.

bakasama went to PAX without saying hi to any of us. NEAT!

Jonathan Holmes got third place in the Bit.Trip Runner contest. Go Tron!

ScottyG gives us a review of Gamer Grub. GAMERZ FOOD Y’ALL! Scotty also had a radical time at PAX East.

Sean Carey has some fun with Anonymouse.

Check out some videos from my lieutenant in making awesome things happen, power glove. Karaoke, birthday songs and a video of Cataract defeating Seth Killian in Super Street Fighter IV.

Cataract totally kicked Seth Killians ass!

A ton of pictures from rawnewdlz.

PAX East 2010 had some unfortunate failures, but all in all it was a great time for all that came out. I believe our numbers were around 90 as far as Dtoiders went which is more than expected. It’s great that the East Coast kids finally have a convention of their own and I’m positive that next year’s PAX East will easily be better than this year’s show.

Once again, thank you Mike and Jerry for creating the Penny Arcade Expo and thanks to all those that help make PAX something special every single year. See you all at PAX Prime 2010 in Seattle in just five months!

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