Melvor Idle Birthday Event 2023 guide — All clue answers

Celebrate Melvor Idle’s 4th birthday with this new event.

Melvor Idle Birthday Event 2023 guide

Fresh off its new Atlas of Discovery DLC, Melvor Idle is celebrating its 4th birthday with a 2023 Birthday Event. In total, there are three separate challenges for players to complete, with a reward for players who complete every challenge. For completing every challenge, players will unlock a limited-time Birthday Game Mode. We’ve put together this Melvor Idle Birthday Event 2023 guide to help you complete the challenges before the event ends on October 25.

All clue answers to complete the Clue Hunt

Clue Scroll # 1

For the first Clue, the target here is actually the easiest enemy in the game: the Plant. To solve the first clue you must simply kill five Plants located in the Farmlands combat area. Upon killing the fifth Plant you will receive Clue #2.

Clue Scroll # 2

The second clue involves the Township skill. More specifically, you must just complete any casual Township task. These replenish over time and are very easy to complete. Skipping the task does not count, so make sure you properly complete the task instead.

Clue Scroll # 3

In order to solve Clue Scroll #3, you need to equip Bread as your consumable food and then go kill 10 Chickens in either the dungeon or in the Farmland combat area. Another pretty easy solution.

Clue Scroll # 4

Things start getting tricky with Clue Scroll #4. The solution here is to defeat the Wandering Bard with three specific things equipped. You can only find the Wandering Bard via Normal Slayer Tasks—they cannot be found in a dungeon or combat area. You need to defeat the Wandering Bard while having the Almighty Lute, Amulet of Looting, and Sharp Eye Prayer equipped. The Almighty Lute actually drops off the Wandering Bard, so you will have to kill them more than once if you have not before.

Clue Scroll # 5

This is a weird one. Basically, you just need to do several actions in a specific order. Start by doing any Astrology action. Then, do any Firemaking action. Finally, switch to Agility and complete an action with the following obstacle courses built: Rope Swing, Balance Beam, Stepping Stones, and Gap Jump. If you did them in proper order, you will complete the Clue upon finishing Gap Jump.

Clue Scroll # 6

Like the previous Clue, Clue #6 requires you to complete actions in a specific order. Doing any other action in between will cancel it out and you will have to restart. First, kill one single Cow from the Farmlands combat area. Then, study Terra in Astrology just one time. After that, complete the entire Bandit Base dungeon once. Next, you will need to craft one Staff of Water, and finally, kill one Golbin. That’s it! Make sure you already have the materials to craft the Staff of Water handy as if you take the time to gather the materials it will reset your actions.

Birthday Event Fishing Contest guide

In order to complete the Fishing Contest challenge you need to come in first place for each of the contest tiers, as well as catching an S Rank fish. As you complete each contest tier you will see a medal next to the tier, so you know which ones you have completed.

Just a tip, you can reroll your fish by clicking the red button after you select a contest tier. You may want to reroll until you get a fish you have higher mastery on so you are getting better fish.

How to get all 4 hidden Presents

Each of the four hidden Presents comes from a separate group of actions. So, your best bet is to do whichever action you can complete fastest. There is a low drop rate on the hidden Presents, so it really is just a numbers game. This is how you obtain each of the four hidden Presents:

  • Gathering: Fishing, Mining, Thieving, Woodcutting
  • Artisan: Cooking, Crafting, Firemaking, Fletching, Herblore, Runecrafting, Smithing
  • Utility: Agility, Astrology, Summoning
  • Cooking: Killing enemies via any combat types (Melee, Ranged, Magic)

Every Present has a hidden reward inside, but you only need to obtain one of each of the four types to complete this challenge.

What is the Melvor Idle Birthday game mode?

Once you have compiled all three unique challenges using our Melvor Idle Birthday Event 2023 guide, you will unlock the Birthday game mode for Melvor Idle. Create a new character from the main screen and select the ??? game mode.

This mode is all about combat. All non-combat skills except for Cooking, Farming, and Fishing are disabled. You will also start with a bunch of Food consumable items. Your max HP will be 1, and your Attack Interval will be much slower than normal. Enemies will have a slower Attack Interval too, but they kill you in one hit. Each enemy attack is on a 30-second timer in this mode.

With these changes, the Melvor Idle Birthday game mode makes every encounter a DPS check speedrun. Remember when I said only Fishing, Cooking, and Farming were available as noncombat skills? Yeah, that’s just a meme from the developers. Don’t bother doing any of these as food is useless when you only have 1 HP.

Have some fun in this insane new mode trying to get as far as you can killing various enemies before they hit you once!

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