Mega Man X2 hits the Japanese Virtual Console next week

My God

Mega Man X2, one of the greatest platformers ever (and where part of my handle “Magnalon,” comes from in Magna Centipede!), will arrive on the New 3DS Virtual Console in Japan on July 20. Both of those qualifiers (read: New 3DS, Japan) make me a bit sad, as I wish everyone could partake in this masterpiece, but that’s the way the cards have been dealt.

With any luck western regions will get them at some point this year, along with X3, which is also excellent, if a little bloated. Feel free to chime in with your rankings of X1-X3 (hint: the first is the best) — there’s nothing I love more than a good Mega Man discussion.

Mega Man X2 [Nintendo via Rockman Corner]

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