Media Create: Street Fighter IV boosts both Xbox 360 and PS3 sales in Japan

Apparently Japan is full of those “I’m waiting” guys you always run into. Either that, or these gamers have one-track minds. What were they waiting for? Street Fighter IV.

With the release of Capcom’s new fighter, both the Xbox 360 and PS3 have enjoyed increased sales, with a weekly increase of over 4,000 units combined. According to the Media Create numbers, the PS3 got the larger boost, with over 2,500 consoles added to this weeks total, bringing it to 16,656. That’s almost on par with that week’s Wii sales!

Between the two consoles, Street Fighter IV sold 193,000 copies in one week.

I guess none of that really compares to the portable sales. The DSi sold over 53,000 units in a week, with some of the credit going to the release of Mario‭ & ‬Luigi RPG3. The PSP is still going strong with 34,969, outselling everything else except Nintendo’s new portable. 

The full numbers are after the jump.

[Via Edge]

DSI‭/ ‬53,483‭
PSP/‭ ‬34,256‭
Wii‭/ ‬21,016‭
PS3/‭ ‬18,656‭
DS Lite‭/ ‬14,810‭
Xbox‭ ‬360‭/ ‬9,833
PS2‭/ ‬5332

Dale North