Maybe, baby, Dale North is the one for me

How will I know unless we take a chance?

Ah, that smooth, buttery voice. Those luscious harmonies. That pixelated plaid shirt. That is our friend (and former Editor-in-Chief) Dale North. He has taken the default lyrics to the ballad “Maybe, Baby” in Tomodachi Life and replaced the normal robot voice with his own.

This comes just in time for Valentine’s Day. Send this to your valentine, and he or she will instantly fall in love with you (or maybe Dale). Now, do you all think we can convince him to do “Loving Things” by Jim Sterling?

Darren Nakamura
Darren is a scientist during the day. He has been a Destructoid community member since 2006, joining the front page as a contributor in 2011. While he enjoys shooters, RPGs, platformers, strategy, and rhythm games, he takes particular interest in independent games. He produced the Zero Cool Podcast for about four years, and he plays board games quite a bit when he can find willing companions.