Marvel’s Avengers is adding Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor, as its next hero

Marvel's Avengers Jane Foster

Stop, hammer time

Square Enix is laying out the road ahead for Marvel’s Avengers. And it looks like that future lines up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Marvel’s Avengers looks to add Jane Foster to the lineup.

In today’s April dev update, the team is looking ahead to Update 2.4. It’s currently set for a May release, and will continue to focus on system improvements. Even further out is Update 2.5, which doesn’t have any timing window just yet. But the update will include a new playable hero in Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor.

The Avengers team says Foster will have some similarities to Thor Odinson, given they’re both wielders of Mjolnir. She will also have elements that are “distinctly Jane.” More info on that is coming in the future.

Peace, love, and thunder

Foster’s inclusion in the Square Enix live-service Avengers lines up neatly with news of her appearing in the MCU. The recent trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, the upcoming Thor movie, ends with the reveal of Foster’s Thor.

For more on how exactly Jane Foster became Thor, and what history it has in the comics, Polygon has an excellent write-up. It’s a surprisingly fun inclusion though, and could let the Avengers team explore the complex backstory of how the Thor mantle has moved around over the years.

As for Marvel’s Avengers, maybe this helps provide more shocks to its system. The live-service game has trucked on through a bad initial reception. Updates have still been rolling out, and seem intent to keep on rolling out. It’s gradually made good on delivering characters like Spider-Man, as well as a full content pack in the War for Wakanda expansion.

Meanwhile, even more Marvel games are spinning up. Skydance New Media, helmed by Amy Hennig, is working on a new narrative-driven game in the Marvel universe, and Marvel’s Midnight Suns is still due sometime later this year.

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