Mario Mafia – Super Mario in GTA Vice City

You crave more Youtube time wasting? H’okay – here’s a WOW 5 elf rendition of YMCA by ‘Tha-Vil-Lage-Peo-Ple.’ Stilllll got time to waste? Here’s a step by step video of how to make a NES controller cell phone. (“Don’t you just cut and glue some sh1t together?” – YUP!) if you still have time to waste then you need some special help.Awwww, I tried outsmarting Youtube by changing the embed code to bypass the block feature but their database isn’t that simple I guess. Yesterday Link took a vacation in Mario world, but today Mario is running the mafia in Vice City. Click here if you wanna see Mario cruising through Vice City. Mario should retire from his hectic Nintendo life if he’s this badass on motorcycle.

Tom Fronczak