Majesco announces ‘Pet Zombies’ and ‘Face Kart’ for 3DS

Great game names, Majesco! Another publisher jumps on the Nintendo 3DS with two new titles: Pet Zombies in 3D and Face Kart: Photo Finish. I’m sold just from the names!

Pet Zombies has players reanimating a zombie to keep as a pet. You’ll feed your pet zombie brains and live in 3D spaces. The accelerometer is used for games like rolling zombie heads through mazes. 

Face Kart is a kart racer that puts your face in the driver’s seat. It uses the 3DS 3D camera to put you in the 3D cars, billboards, and even the power-ups. The accelerometer will be used for steering. Face to your 2D, tilt-less game system! FACE!

Both of Majesco’s 3DS titles are to be released in fall 2011. 

Dale North