Magic reveals the Magic Baldur’s Gate Commander set, here’s some cards

Gate Commander

It’s out on June 10

At this point, Wizards of the Coast has plenty of IP under their belt to send to the planes of Magic: The Gathering with Hasbro running things. And whatever they don’t own, they can likely lock down a deal for: like the upcoming Lord of the Rings set, and the recent Street Fighter crossover. So when Dungeons and Dragons or Baldur’s Gate is involved, people perk up. That includes the Baldur’s Gate Commander set, which we were given a brief look at recently.

The next Commander Legends set is Battle for Baldur’s Gate, and it’s out on June 10 (with a pre-release session from June 3 through June 5). The big focus this time is features from past sets, like the “dungeon” mechanic from Forgotten Realms (with just the Undercity dungeon card, with the intent to possibly share one across the table), backgrounds (like “raised by giants”), and more legendary creatures: to funnel into the RPG theme of the Battle for Baldur’s Gate Commander set.

Corey Bowen, leader designer for Magic and on the Battle for Baldur’s Gate Commander set, had the theme of heroic adventures and teamwork in mind when their team crafted the set. The gist was to lean into the social aspect of Commander as well as some of the larger-than-life elements of the universes they’re drawing from. You can really see that in some of the cards below, many of which are legendary and are pulled directly from D&D classes, like a halfling knight, devil noble, and a human wizard. Lightning bolt and fireball were something the team “had to include,” because of the flavor involved, as two of the most recognizable cards in the game’s history.

Without further ado, card previews/spoilers!

Battle for Baldur’s Gate Commander set cards:

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