Luigi’s Mansion 3DS will arrive in the spooky month of October


Luigi’s Mansion is a staple of the GameCube lineup. Hell it was a launch title!

Whenever I think of picking up that ‘lil machine I usually recall memories of Nintendo throwing Luigi to the (ghost) wolves in an abandoned mansion without the help of Mario. While he had plenty of appearances up until then this was the moment where Luigi became a truly beloved character for many: worthy of his own “Year of Luigi” celebration (which was extended!) down the line.

Not keen on letting the original die on the platform Nintendo has opted to remake it on 3DS, which is now set for an October release in the west. Grezzo, who has worked with Nintendo many times on projects like Majora’s Mask 3D, will be handling development duties.

Both the US and Europe will get it in time for Halloween: it arrives on October 12 in the former region, and October 19 in the latter.

Chris Carter
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