LittleBigPlanet has no JPG support? Requires PlayStation Eye for image capture

Looks like Sony has found a smart little way to hawk its PlayStation Eye product to budding game builders who might want personally captured images in LittleBigPlanet. It seems that using Sony’s peripheral is the only way to get custom imagery into the game, so you better save up some extra pennies.

The news was caught hidden away in a comment made by PlayStation Blog writer Chuck Lacson. When one pussy stroking gamer asked if he’d be able to import pictures of his cat, Lacson answered with: “Yes (If you have a PS Eye, that is.)”

This is a great idea for Sony, since it’s guaranteed to shift some extra PS Eyes, but is it a good idea for gamers? Cost aside, I can’t see using the Eye as a particularly convenient way of uploading images when you could have some high quality files exported directly onto the HD. Looks like some pretty blatant peripheral flogging to me, and not the good kind either.

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