Lips: Party Classics releasing in early March

March 2. Starting on that date, you will begin seeing Lips: Party Classics in the Xbox 360 section of your local videogame-carrying stores. While you probably won’t buy the thing, you will surely witness the hidden pain of the trapped souls on its cover each and every time you casually stroll by.

On a lighter note, it’s been revealed that Lips: Party Classics will work with “popular USB microphones,” such as those of the Rock Band and Guitar Hero variety. Neat! The less restrictions for these peripheral-centric games, the better.

Knowing full well that it can only get us to talk about one Lips announcement per week (or is it per month?), Microsoft also crammed the latest word on the downloadable songs into our tips inbox of doom. Head on past the break if you want to see what’s on the horizon.

[Editor’s Note: Don’t tell Nick Chester that I wrote this post, otherwise he will force me to write all future Lips-related stories with his fabled “forcing stick.” That’s got to be the 10th circle of Hell or something. Have mercy!]

Available on Jan. 1:

  • Lean On Me – Club Nouveau
  • Baby When The Light – David Guetta feat. Cozi
  • Homecoming – Kanye West feat. Chris Martin

Available on Jan. 8:

  • I Second That Emotion – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
  • Love Machine (Part 1) – The Miracles
  • The Tracks Of My Tears – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
  • The Miracles Song Pack – Includes I Second That Emotion, Love Machine (Part 1), The Tracks Of My Tears

Available on Jan. 15:

  • Ring My Bell – Anita Ward
  • Soul Meets Body – Death Cab For Cutie
  • Mustang Sally – Wilson Pickett
  • Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil – Schnappi*
  • Baby, Du siehst gut aus! – Bakkushan*

Available on Jan. 22:

  • Little Lies – Fleetwood Mac
  • Tripping – Robbie Williams
  • Ordinary Day – Vanessa Carlton

Available on Jan. 29:

  • Carnival – The Cardigans
  • My Favourite Game – The Cardigans
  • Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless) – Crystal Waters
  • The Cardigans Song Pack – Includes Carnival, Erase/Rewind, My Favourite Game

*Note: These songs are not available in U.S. or Canada.

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