Let’s revisit Nintendo’s first 3D system, the Virtual Boy

When the Wii was first announced, the first thing I thought about was the Power Glove. That accessory failed so it made sense to me that the Wii wouldn’t take off. Needless to say, I was dead wrong. Now with the announcement of the 3DS, people are instantly thinking of Nintendo’s first attempt with 3D gaming, the Virtual Boy.

The Virtual Boy was a even bigger failure than the Power Glove, but if the Wii has thought me anything, it’s that we shouldn’t doubt the potential of the 3DS. 3D, whether we want it or not, is the next big step in gaming and the easiest way people will be able to accept 3D is if comes packaged with the system AND the need for glasses is non-existent.

Until we see what the Nintendo 3DS is all about at E3 this year, let’s calm the hell down and have a nice laugh at this video taken at CES in 1995 of the Virtual Boy.

Haha, Virtual Boy. 

Virtual Boy’s U.S. Debut At WCES ’95 [GameSetWatch]

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