Legend: Hand of God and a mouse to play it with contest winners announced!

On Monday I gave anyone willing to post a comment about what they would do with a reality altering artifact like the Hand of God a chance to win five copies of Legend: Hand of God and a Logitech G9 laser mouse. Well, the contest has officially ended and the winners were randomly selected. See who the lucky five are below.

Won a copy of Legend: Hand of God and a Logitech G9 laser mouse:

  • Cataract

Won a copy of Legend: Hand of God:

  • VampireChrist
  • NihonTiger90
  • Omar
  • Blind assassin

Congrats on the wins, guys! Send me a PM with you mailing information so we can get these prizes in the mail ASAP.

For everyone that didn’t win: keep your eyes peeled to main page for future contests. We just love giving our community members free stuff! Also, hit the jump to read the winners’ entries.


Well, what I would do is quite simple, really. I would use the Hand of God to swim far into the ocean and bring up a large volcano, with this volcano in place in the middle of the ocean, I would simply throw things into it. Not for any reason, really, just to throw things into a volcano. That, and to give a place for Reverend Anthony and Chad to fight.


oh yay my new pc will handle this nicely, so…
i will suck up to the developers and such
and say i would use the *Hand of God* to caress that sweet sweet mouse i will win and play the game and spread the word of its greatness to the internets

afterwards, possibly become a prince, get a flying rug and woo the bangin princess on a magic carpet ride

I would use it to give everyone on Destructoid a million bucks and a brand new PC with Team Fortress 2 pre-installed.

What? A guy can’t be generous?


I’d wish for immortality, take over the world, rule with an iron fist and get some sexy slaves.

Blind assassin
I’m the only person that would get absurd telekinetic powers and just dominate the universe? Seriously?

Well, yeah. I’d do that.

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