Learn the real names of the enemies in Shovel Knight

Know your Blorbs from your Beetos

Clearing Super Mario World for the first time and discovering that the fiery, big-eyed dinosaurs who leap out of the lava are named Blargg was quite the revelation. Come again? Blargg? I can’t remember what I called the enemy leading up to the credits sequence, but it sure as heck wasn’t Blargg.

I’m experiencing those same confused / surprised / delighted feelings all over again now that Yacht Club Games has come out with a full list of Shovel Knight enemy names.

Hehe, Hover Meanie. Good one.

The list has “been in the works for six months,” so let me just say that the effort is noted and appreciated. Naming things is tough!

Enemy Names! [Yacht Club Games]

Jordan Devore
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