Leak: European Fire Emblem Warriors limited edition box art spoils all the surprises?

Curiosity killed the cat

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Fire Emblem Warriors, Omega Force’s newest crossover action game, didn’t exactly have the greatest pre-launch hype. Nearly as soon as it was announced, it was revealed that the game would focus on Awakening, Fates, and Shadow Dragon characters. This was said to be a move to avoid filling the roster with sword users, and yet revealed characters were mainly sword users anyway.

Well, if the lack of series representation was what you criticized the most, you might want to fasten your seat belts.

Check this out. This is a picture of the limited edition of Fire Emblem Warriors in Europe, as it recently appeared on a department store website. Okay, the cover has the sprites from the 3DS games, very cute. Just like Miku. Wrong. It has so much more than that.

Just look a little closer.

Not only one, but TWO characters not from those three games are on the cover. The left one appears to be Celica from Fire Emblem Gaiden and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. The right one is, of course, Lyn from Blazing Sword, the original waifu. What more can you ask for? They both wield swords, of course.

I guess this also reveals Young Tiki from Shadow Dragon but who cares about her anyway.

Source: El Corte Ingles, a European department store chain.

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