League of Legends adjacent autobattler Teamfight Tactics is coming to mobile devices

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The Auto-Chess wars are on

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Begun, the Auto Chess wars have.

Although a lot of you are sitting in the backseat of this rising phenomenon, calling it a fad, it’s still rising. Riot Games has invested heavily in it, banking that it will succeed, with their in-client League of Legends spinoff Teamfight Tactics. Countless others, like Valve, are also following suit. You can read all about those games here, and more are sure to come in the next year or so.

In the meantime, Riot Games is doubling down on Teamfight Tactics and hitting their competitors where it hurts: the mobile platform. In 2020, Teamfight Tactics will cease to be a PC-only game and will arrive on Android and iOS devices, squaring up with Auto Chess (who did a deal with Epic Games on PC, but also started on mobile), Dota Underlords, and Chess Rush (note that the latter is also owned by Tencent, owner of Riot).

Riot says that the mobile ports will come sometime in the first quarter of 2020. Before then more Champions are coming to the PC edition, as well as the “Rise of the Elements” event with more content on November 5. I’m still casually rolling through Teamfight Tactics when I have some free time, but playing it on mobile will make that dalliance even easier.

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