Lay Lady Layton; Or, first they came for the Ghostbusters and I said nothing

Lady Layton usurps the professor

First they made the Ghostbusters into women and the problem is that they weren’t, at first. And you laughed. Oh how you laughed (perhaps at the film itself, I don’t know, I’m too poor to afford movie theatres).

But this is what we’re talking about, people.

If women can be Ghostbusters, then what’s to stop them from being professors, too!?

I mean, aside from Level-5 going the alliterative route and calling the game Lady Layton instead of “Professor Layton, But Actually a Woman This Time, Even Though ‘Professor Layton’ Doesn’t Imply Gender In Any Way Except For Our Pent Up Associations With the Character — a Man — We Shorthand Refer To As ‘Professor Layton,’ Specifically.”

Anyways I am personally looking forward to Bob Dylan’s new single and hope the Cattley Eyl Layton-led Lady Layton: The Conspiracy of King Millionaire Ariadne tries to sell me a Chrysler when the game comes to Android/iOS/3DS (in Japan in 2017, at least). 


Steven Hansen