Konami Style’s $380 Pyramid Head sculpture

Almost worth it. Almost.

Konami Style’s resin Pyramid Head from Silent Hill Homecoming is priced at 31,500 yen, or about $382 USD. I love Silent Hill, adore Pyramid Head, and really enjoyed Silent Hill Homecoming, but that is a lot of money. I feel like I could put that kind of money toward a real Pyramid Head. I’d take him to the grocery store to sword bash anyone that got in the 20 Items or Less line with more than 20 items. I’d take him to cosplay conventions where he would gut and dismember all the bad Pyramid Head cosplayers. I wouldn’t take him to the mall, though. He’d go nuts with the manequins at the stores.

Tomopop says that this is one of the only officially licensed figures of Pyramid Head to date, and that it’s up for pre-order now

Dale North