KOEI Press Day: Take a look at Dynasty Warriors 6 for the PS2 and PC

KOEI held a little press day event at the Spanish Suite at the Hotel Clift in San Francisco yesterday. They were showing off some of their upcoming games and the first one I got to check out was Dynasty Warriors 6 for the PS2. Now, I could give you a hands-on preview of the game, but, well, it’s Dynasty Warriors. Everyone and their mother knows what a Dynasty Warriors game is supposed to be like.

The PS2 version is getting a few exclusives not seen in the current gen version of the game. First, a new Musou story modes will be available for some of the characters. There will also be new weapons and new fighting movements, five new stages and ten new scenarios on the PS2 version of the game. 

Dynasty Warriors 6 will be out on November 18th for $29.99. Check out the trailer above and the gallery below for a mix of PS2 and PC screenshots. 

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