Kirby Planet Robobot will be coming to 3DS on June 10

Kirby + Gundam?

Nintendo’s lovable pink balloon is coming back to the 3DS in Kirby Planet Robobot, but this time he has a new trick up his sleeve: Robotic Armor. It has ten different modes to give you multiples ways to progress through levels, similar to his trademark copy ability. Each level will have a foreground and background so that you can jump back and forth.

Planet Robobot comes with a separate co-op mode called Team Kirby Clash. Four players can choose from four different roles on a quest to defeat a boss. At the end of each stage, players gain experience so that they can level up and work towards more difficult quests. In each level, you can find pieces of a tablet that summons a giant meteor when combined. Download Play is available for friends who don’t have the game yet, but bots can also be used as partners.

Various amiibo can be used to give Kirby new abilities: for example, tapping Link to the 3DS gives Kirby the Master Sword. A UFO ability will be an amiibo exclusive. Brett has the details on the new line of Kirby amiibo.

Kirby Planet Robobot will be released June 10.

Zack Furniss