Kill 255 of your closest friends in the MAG beta today

Just a quick little reminder that the MAG beta officially opens to the public today. If you planned ahead and downloaded the files during the few weeks that they’ve been available, you’re all set to log on and start kicking some ass. Or, you could be lazy like me and need to run right over to your PS3 and grab the thing out of desperate need.

I heartily recommend everybody try the beta out. While we’ve gone on at some length about how impressive the game is, I think this is going to be one of those games that you’re just going to have to try for yourself. Not that we’re untrustworthy or anything. I just know that I had difficulty finding the words to convey what this game is and I’d hate for anyone to miss out because of my verbal stumbling.

Act quickly, though. The beta only runs for this week and shuts down on January 10th.

MAG Beta Starts Today [PlayStation Blog]

Conrad Zimmerman