Kid Icarus dev: Modern games ‘just aren’t creative’

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Kid Icarus: Uprising developer Masahiro Sakurai has been chatting about creativity, or the lack of it, in modern games. While promising that Pit’s anticipated 3DS adventure will attempt to shake things up, Sakurai has admitted that he feels modern games and genres aren’t very creative at all, content instead to endlessly copy each other. 

“I’ve found that, in the established genres, the controls are always the same,” he explains. “For example, in shooting games, you find first-person-shooters utilize all of the buttons on the controller and always do the same thing — the stick is for moving, triggers for shooting and they’re always trapped in this very restricted framework for gameplay. And, that’s just not creative.  It feels like people are taking this empty shell and just swapping out the story and art and whatnot.”

“This time, with Kid Icarus, we wanted to address that certain problem and not only because I think the industry deserves it, but also because it’s a more satisfying experience personally.”

Kid Icarus was never a property I’d been completely in love with, but Uprising looks pretty damn sweet and looks to be a perfect flagship title for the 3DS. Creative or not, it’s already set a high bar for visuals and ambition on Nintendo’s portable. Let’s hope it lives up to its own expectations as well as ours.

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