Kerbal Space Program 2 will lift off for PC in early 2023, consoles to follow after

Kerbal Space Program 2

Take to space once more with the lil’ Kerbals

It’s been a while, but it sounds like we’ll finally start putting Kerbals on the moon (or somewhere in the vicinity) next year. Today, the Kerbal Space Program 2 team announced the spacefaring sequel is aiming for early 2023 on PC.

Creative Director Nate Simpson made the announcement in a new video, discussing what’s been going on with development. Right now, the early 2023 window is just for PC; console versions are expected to follow sometime after.

Simpson emphasizes the goals his team has for Kerbal Space Program 2, including managing performance across a wide variety of machines and a rich universe to explore. It will take a little extra time to make, but Simpson and the team seem to want to hit their internal goals of making something “original and breathtaking.”

Fly me to the moon

The first Kerbal Space Program was a bit of a surprise. It’s a pretty intense, rules-driven space flight simulator that feels like a springboard into learning basic rocket science. And it’s also quirky and comedic, thanks to the unerring determination of its minion-like astronauts, the Kerbals.

A failed launch is made a little better by watching the hilarious after-effects. And a successful mission? Well, that can mean putting a Kerbal on the moon. It’s an exciting game, even for those who don’t normally go for hardcore sim games.

The sequel has had a fair share of setbacks, though. Announced for a 2020 launch at first, then later slipping into 2021, it seems like 2023 is its new target for now.

While the date keeps on moving, it sounds like Kerbal Space Program 2 is really trying to do some new things with colony building and interstellar travel. Perhaps the extra time and help from the original Kerbal developers will help the whole trip come together.

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