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Jun Kazama unleashes hope on her enemies’ faces in latest Tekken 8 trailer

Beating the end of conflict into faces

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Bandai Namco has dropped their latest character trailer for Tekken 8. This one focuses on Jun Kazama, as she complains about violence while unloading on her family.

Jun Kazama was featured in Tekken 2 and the non-canon Tag Tournament games. She went missing at the beginning of Tekken 3’s narrative, so her return has been a long time coming. She’s the mother of Jin Kazuma, who she had with Kazuya Mishima.

She shows up in some flowing silks which, like the wardrobe of some other characters, seem far too nice to actually fight in. She seems to be some sort of Disney Princess, as nature just loves her, though that might be to highlight her peaceful nature. Despite her disgust with conflict, she’s depicted as showing no hesitation in beating the stuffing out of her son.

With Jun Kazama, Bandai Namco has given a highlight trailer for all announced characters, including the previous ones: Jin Kazama, Marshall Law, Nina Williams, King, Paul Phoenix, Jack-8, Lars Alexandersson, and Kazuya Mishima. Will they announce others? Maybe. We’re still a year out from its targeted launch window.

Tekken 8 is currently in development for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X. It is tentatively expected to launch late in 2023 or early 2024.

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